Phd L-Glutamine 250gm Unflavoured

Phd L-Glutamine 250gm Unflavoured

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  • No Sugar
  • No Salt
  • 100% micronised L-Glutamine
  • Micro-fine and easy mix powder
  • Great addition to a muscle building or cutting plan
  • Supports intense exercise


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What is PhD L-GIutamine Powder?

GIutamine is a protein amino acid found in proteins of all life forms. It is classified as a semi-essential or conditionally essential amino acid. GIutamine is one of the most widely-used amino acid supplements within the athletic world.


L-GIutamine Powder Benefits

GIutamine Powder is used in multiple servings throughout the day to assist with the intense and stressful lifestyle facing the modern athlete. PhD GIutamine utilises only the finest micronised grade L-GIutamine and can be added easily into all PhD high protein shakes, especially Pharma Whey HT+ and Casein Peptide+. L-GIutamine also plays a vital role in pre and intra workout supplementation, hence why it can be found within both VMX2 and Intra BCAA+. However, many PhD users will add a serving to VMX2 or Intra BCAA to ensure maximum L-GIutamine functionality and benefits


Who is L-GIutamine Powder suitable for?

L-GIutamine Powder is suitable for body builders and weight trainers; for team sport participants and health conscious individuals